Discover the Mosque of Granada

The great Mosque of Granada

The great Mosque of Granada The opening of the Mosque of Granada in the summer of the year 2003 celebrates an historic reunion as it looks out in greeting towards the majestic silhouette of the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada. The Great Mosque as the soul of the Alhambra promises to become a characteristic feature … Continue reading The great Mosque of Granada

Omari Mosque

Praying in the Great Omari Mosque elicits humanistic emotions before evoking religious feelings, especially if one knows that, thousands of years ago, people prayed in this place of worship when it was a pagan temple for Marna, the greatest of the city’s seven gods. During that era, Gazans worshiped idols and the sun. According to … Continue reading Omari Mosque

Mosques From Around The World

The Mosque is the prayer place of Islam. It refers to its Arabic name Masjid. The world has ample examples of beautiful mosques that stand as epitomes of holy shrines across the globe. Many of these incredible houses of worship defy typical expectations about what a mosque looks like. Nontraditional minarets and experimental domes add … Continue reading Mosques From Around The World